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Closet Organization for Couples

Valentine’s Day isn’t just that one day a year when you can be completely sappy and romantic and eat chocolate to your heart’s content. It’s also a day that you and your man can do something to help relieve the occasional frustrations of living together. Figuring out how to best share the bedroom closet is a great start. Many couples are not blessed with a luxurious walk-in closet and end up having to share. So, in honor of V-day, California Closets developed tips to help couples manage the battle of the closet!

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How to Make Kissing Clothespin Couples

What do I love more than mason jars? Clothespins. Maybe it’s because there are so many things you can create with a simple clothes pin. I use clothes pins for gift toppers, baby shower decor, candy buffets, organizing, and now little people that stand on my dresser. These little kissing couples can be used as cupcake toppers, paper clips, or they can simply dance around your desk when you’re feeling a little sad. Every craft has it’s purpose : )