Couples Who Run Together Have More Sex
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Couples Who Run Together Have More Sex

Does working up a sweat with your partner make things hotter in the bedroom? A new study suggests that couples should strap on “his and her” sneakers!

Couples who run together apparently have more sex, at least according  to a Brooks Running survey of 1,000 adults ages 18 or older who run at least once a week.

Of those surveyed,  66 percent believed they have more sex when they run with their other halves. Men (71 percent) were slightly more likely than women (62 percent) to make the connection.

Why? There are several possible explanations, including the increased intimacy that comes from spending time together and the bonding effects of shared exercise.

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Some other fun facts that the survey uncovered:

Men enjoy chatting on the run more than their female counterparts. Favorite topics: sports and cool new gadgets. Women, on the other hand, prefer to talk about the current state of their relationships on group runs.

Top celebrity running partners: 27 percent would pick Jimmy Fallon; 22 percent would pick Chelsea Handler or Jimmy Kimmel.

30% of participants find runners who spit while on the road that most hateable kind to encounter. Um duh, that’s because hocking loogies is just rude.

Do you ever go running with your significant other?

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