Our “Couples Resolutions” – The Taller One Puts Away Laundry!
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Our “Couples Resolutions” – The Taller One Puts Away Laundry!

As we make our way into January, I am already struggling with the commitments I made to myself for the upcoming year – but still I felt remiss that I neglected to come up wtih some “Couples Resolutions” for my husband and me.I’ve been writing letters to him in an effort to highlight some things I would like him to STOP doing, and thought this would be the perfect way to communicate my goals (more like rules) for the two of us.

Here’s what I came up with:

“Dear Husband,

Happy New Year!!  I want the year to start off on the right foot, and thought I would share the  “Couples Resolutions” I made for us, along with a friendly reminder. 

First, I want to bring attention to the garage door. I completely understood keeping it locked over Christmas, as we were storing our gifts inside. However, you now lock the garage door all the time, and I find it incredibly frustrating, especially when you take that set of keys to work with you.

I suppose one day without the stroller, sled or wagon isn’t a big deal, right? I guess I should just hold, piggy back and drag the girls where I need them to go. But what made me really bonkers was when you left on a four-day business trip and locked the garage door.  I was unable  to get my essential mommy transportation crap out, and I also could not put the garbage and recycling out, all-in-all a major piss-off.

Moving right along to our resolutions,

1. The person who gets the least amount of sleep during the week, gets to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday.

2. The weaker of the two never has to put the garbage out, or pick up a laundry basket.

3. The tallest has to put away the laundry.

4. We support each other when our favorite clothing stores have a sale. There is no budget.

Great, I feel really good about where we are going as a couple.

Always your loving and understanding wife,


Did you make any “Couples Resolutions” for the upcoming year?


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