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Eating For Quality When Pregnant

There is a common misconception while pregnant, that eating for two means you need to consume more food. While pregnant you only need 250 -300 more calories then you do before you were pregnant. Chances are if you are eating a typical American diet you are getting way over the daily calories needed even without a baby growing inside. Instead of worrying about eating enough food, focus more on its value. Everything you put in your mouth goes right into your babys development, forming the structure from which they will grow. The healthier you eat the better you will feel and the stronger your body will be to support your pregnancy. You can shift your awareness simply asking yourself these two questions: How is this food feeding me? How is this fueling my babys development?

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10 Foods to Improve Sperm Count and Quality

Getting pregnant is not always as easy as we think it should be. One common problem is a low sperm count, but the good news is that there are foods that are not only super tasty, but super good for sperm. The best part? Some of these foods are also aphrodisiacs… so if you’ve gotten a little bored with getting it on to get prego, whip up a menu based on these sexy foods.

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Spending Quality Time With The Kids During The Holidays

The holiday vacation brings family, joy and fun. But it also can bring too much idle time for the kids. We talked to parenting expert, Meredith Sinclair, about ways to spend quality time with your kids during the holidays. Many parents feel that they don’t spend enough quality time with their kids.  What are some ways…

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Room to Read Invests in Literacy and Gender Equality in Education

Room to Read is an organization that believes the world should be a place where all children can “pursue a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world”. In doing this, they focus on literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries by teaching kids how to read and supporting girls to complete secondary school with the life skills needed to succeed in school and afterward.

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Make Quality Time Routine

Do you ever feel the days quickly turn to nights, the weeks pass and the treadmill of life doesnt pause long enough for you to enjoy simple moments? Having a family, it very often feels as though we are moving from one chore to the next, leaving us at the end of the day in a zombie like state.