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Standardized Testing – Friend or Foe?

Pennsylvania mother of two Michelle Gray considers standardized testing a foe indeed. While other students attending Park Forest Elementary in State College, PA are participating in two weeks of standardized tests, Grays two children are spending their time elsewhere. Gray told CNN that she believes the tests cause unnecessary anxiety in students, dont accurately measure accomplishment, and are used to punish schools. Eight other parents have also decided to keep their children out of participating in testing this year, agreeing with Gray that the tests cause too much stress.

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Psychological Tests for Children

There are times when children need psychological help the same as adults do. Some psychological disorders have physical causes; others are brought on by stress or trauma. Still other childhood psychological disorders are behavioral in nature. Although some of the psychological disorders affecting children are more common than others, none are part of a child’s normal developmental process. Many of these behavioral or psychiatric disorders can be treated.