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Decorating & Furniture Tips for the Bedroom

Bedrooms don’t receive as much traffic as the living room or kitchen, but the decor of your bedroom sets the mood, whether you want a relaxing, spa-like retreat or a funky, modern room. Whether you’re decorating a small guest bedroom or an expansive master suite, you will find plenty of ways to infuse your own personality and decorating style into the decor.

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10 Weight Loss Tips for Overweight Kids

Being overweight might be an awkward phase your child is experiencing, or it could be a precursor of things to come. When a child is overweight, he may feel uncomfortable or inadequate and continue to feed those negative feelings with more food. As the child ages his feelings may turn to despair and he may settle for a life without physical activity, which will not be healthy. As a parent, you can change the course of this unhealthy cycle. It’s important not to comfort the child with food when he is sad or upset. Affection, kind words and listening may be all the child needs, rather than an ice cream cone or a treat. Focus on the child’s behavior, and call out the behavior not the child. Eating candy before dinner may be a bad idea for an overweight child, but that does not mean the child is bad. Thwart the behavior without hurting the child’s feelings if you want to help the overweight child reach a healthy weight.

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Can You Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?

While closely spaced children can be fun, most of us would rather not find out we’re pregnant at a six-week postpartum appointment. Fertility can return faster than you might expect after you give birth, so being prepared is key. Breastfeeding will impact your risk of pregnancy, particularly if you are breastfeeding exclusively. Be smart about the potential of pregnancy to avoid needing those maternity clothes again too soon.

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Autism and Learning a Foreign Language

Big time advice coming… A few times, when my son with autism was younger, I said to myself, “I should really get him into some kind of foreign language instruction soon.” But, I never followed through. Now, my son has just started high school and is finally taking a foreign language, Spanish. I wish he…

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Keeping Your Kids Safe: Baby-Proofing Your Home

The following is a guest post by Rick Console. You may think that your home is the safest place for your child, but it’s not. There is danger lurking around every corner (in fact, the corners themselves can be dangerous), but this does not have to mean your child will be injured. There are simple safety techniques you can employ in your home to keep your child safe from dangers you didnt even know existed.