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How to Tighten Loose Skin After a Baby

Most moms hope that upon the birth of their child, their once taunt tummy returns to its previous tightness. While this does almost miraculously happen in some cases, much to the chagrin of many moms, this is not always the case. If the birth of your child left you with some skin that just won’t cooperate, no matter how many times you beg it to tighten up, consider some things that you can do to promote skin tightening and create a physical appearance that at least closely approximates the one you used to possess.

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Skin Removal After Weight Loss Surgery

As you gain weight, your skin expands to accommodate underlying fat. But in cases of extreme weight loss, such as after bariatric weight loss surgery, patients are often left with unsightly excess skin. Because of its decreased elasticity, this skin tends to hang, sag and give a body a lumpy appearance. According to Dr. Michael Bermant, board-certified plastic surgeon, this is not a problem you can correct with diet or exercise alone. Excess skin must be surgically removed.

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How to Stop Children Falling Out of Bed

Falling out of bed is common for young children, especially those who have recently switched from a crib to a bed. Without the crib slats to hold them in bed, children might roll right off the edge of a regular mattress. Most falls from a toddler or twin bed won’t result in serious injury. A child falling from a top bunk bed runs the risk for a more severe injury. Simple safety strategies reduce the chances of your child falling out of bed from any height.

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How to Assemble a Standard Baby Crib

Though there are many types of baby cribs out there, most of the basic types of cribs are assembled in the same basic way. There are three main panels that form the stationary sides, and one side that is attached to a sliding mechanism that makes it slide up and down so that the parent can easily access the baby. If you have one of these types of cribs, then you can use these instructions to assemble it in around 30 minutes.