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Top 10 Kids Cereals

Navigating the cereal aisle with your child can be tricky. Many cereal boxes feature colorful cartoon characters that beg for your child’s attention. Meanwhile, the cereal inside the box isn’t usually not something you want your child eating first thing in the morning, if at all. Some cereals targeted at children have more sugar than a donut, according to “Consumer Reports.” Fortunately, hidden among the sugar-filled cereals are a few designed for children that are also nutritious. Look for cereals that are low in sugar and sodium and high in fiber.

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Eating For Quality When Pregnant

There is a common misconception while pregnant, that eating for two means you need to consume more food. While pregnant you only need 250 -300 more calories then you do before you were pregnant. Chances are if you are eating a typical American diet you are getting way over the daily calories needed even without a baby growing inside. Instead of worrying about eating enough food, focus more on its value. Everything you put in your mouth goes right into your babys development, forming the structure from which they will grow. The healthier you eat the better you will feel and the stronger your body will be to support your pregnancy. You can shift your awareness simply asking yourself these two questions: How is this food feeding me? How is this fueling my babys development?

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Best Vitamins for Women Over 50

You may have outgrown the daily chewable multivitamin tablet, but you never outgrow your need for vitamins. In fact, as you grow older, your body may need even more of some vitamins to help you stay healthy. Women over 50 face special challenges in getting enough of some essential nutrients because of the changes brought on by menopause, and also require some different nutrients because of other changes in their bodies. If you’re approaching 50 or caring for someone who is older, you may need to adjust your diet to add more vitamins or consider taking a daily multivitamin.

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Healthy Tips For Your Child’s Lunchbox

Packing a lunch for your children can feel overwhelming when you are trying to make it healthy, and they want nothing but junk. There are many healthy foods that taste great, but sometimes just getting them to try something “healthy” is a struggle. Understanding some of the healthy lunchbox options and making it appealing can help you put together meals that will have your children eagerly looking forward to lunchtime.