Healthy Tips For Your Child’s Lunchbox
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Healthy Tips For Your Child’s Lunchbox

Packing a lunch for your children can feel overwhelming when you are trying to make it healthy, and they want nothing but junk. There are many healthy foods that taste great, but sometimes just getting them to try something “healthy” is a struggle.

Understanding some of the healthy lunchbox options and making it appealing can help you put together meals that will have your children eagerly looking forward to lunchtime.

Kids Love a Surprise!

Changing things up and providing variety are key to keeping kids excited about eating healthy lunches. Instead of using whole-wheat bread each day for sandwiches, switch it out with whole-wheat bagels, or  veggie wrap tortillas. Children also enjoy making their own food. For a fun Friday, cut up vegetables, meat, and sauce. Include a whole-grain tortilla, and encourage your child to prepare his own cold wrap at lunch. He gets to choose what to put in it, and you have provided only healthy food — so you know he is going to eat well. Don’t forget to add a piece of fruit – a nice juicy tangerine is a great addition to any meal.

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New Twist on Old Favorites

Make your own trail mix. You can combine children’s favorite whole-grain cereals with raisins, dried fruits, and nuts. Put a serving in each lunchbox, and the children will eat it up and not even miss a sugary dessert. You can also do a new twist on an old favorite, peanut butter and jelly. Because many schools have banned peanuts due to the serious nature of student allergies, you can spread a tortilla wrap with cream cheese or sunflower seed butter, layer it with non-sugar preserves, and roll it up. It will provide great taste and nutrition and add color to your child’s lunch.


Go Organic

If your family goes organic, you can simply switch to organic foods for lunchboxes. Organic fruit and vegetables with dipping sauces make great lunchbox items. For protein pack a hard-boiled egg. Include a whole-grain muffin for bread. Add a carton of soy milk or organic cow’s milk, and your child’s lunch will be complete.

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