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Decorating Ideas for a Birthday Party

Even the simplest birthday needs a few decorations to make the event feel festive. Sometimes, all you need are a few streamers or balloons to get the party started. Other times, you may want to go all out and have a themed party with fancy tableware and centerpieces. Keep the tastes and the age of the birthday person in mind when deciding on decorations. Some children do not want an elaborate party while others are too young to notice.

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Birthday Party Decorating Tips

When planning birthday party decorations, most people rely on the basics of balloons, streamers, a personalized cake and flowers. However, you can make your party decor stand out with a special theme, customized decorations, handmade embellishments or a decor that encourages interaction amongst your party guests. Before decking out your party space, consider the guest of honor’s personality and preferences, and center your theme around these.

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Children’s Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Decorating for children’s birthday parties has come a long way since pink and white gingham for girls and trucks for boys. Contemporary parties often represent the imagination and ideas of the guest of honor and features thematic imagery and interactive decorations. Involve your child in the birthday party-planning process, and set aside a special do-it-yourself project for the children to complete, such as painting a treasure chest gold, personalizing a long birthday banner or scattering sequins over the place settings.

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Child’s Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Party decor can make or break a child’s birthday party. Rather than rely on matching packaged sets, integrate customized or homemade pieces that give the birthday party decorations personality, reflecting the birthday child’s style and preferences. Involve your child in the party planning, encouraging her to brainstorm ideas for themes, party favors and decorating projects. He will enjoy helping make a pinata, paint a scenic backdrop or decorate party favor bags.

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Fast Cake Decorating Ideas for Children

Kids love to help. While their help can sometimes mean 10 times more work for you, it does keep their hands busy and out of trouble. If you are ready to bring the kids into the kitchen, let them help you decorate the cake. For an extra bit of fun, let them decorate their own mini cakes or cupcakes for a party. Get some wet rags ready and keep a glass of wine on hand for your own sanity.