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How to Prevent Wrinkles in Cotton Clothes

Cotton offers an inexpensive and durable option for clothing, but cotton garments also tend to wrinkle easily without proper care. Following a few extra steps during the washing process keep cotton clothes relatively wrinkle-free without much additional work. The exact care routine you choose depends partially on the type of cotton garment. While most people won’t starch and iron a cotton T-shirt for casual wear, a cotton dress shirt might warrant a more extensive wrinkle-reducing routine.

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How to Remove Wrinkles From Clothing

Nothing kills your look like wrinkled clothing. In many cases, ironing is your best option, particularly for deep-set wrinkles or for garments made out of cotton or linen. There are some alternative techniques for removing wrinkles and creases from your garments quickly and simply. After removing wrinkles, keep your clothing wrinkle-free by hanging it, rolling it when you pack or stacking it in your dresser with thin sheets of tissue paper between each piece.

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How to Fix a Broken Slab of Marble?

Marble is a favorite stone in home décor due to its unique properties that make no two colors or designs alike. While it is one of the more durable natural materials you can find, it is susceptible to breakage just like any other type of stone if it is dropped or sustains a heavy impact…

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How to Clean the Smell From the Inside of a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are fashion staples that pose a major challenge when it comes to keeping them odor-free. While you can wipe them down and apply treatments to keep them rejuvenated, the porous nature of the material leaves them prone to absorbing odors that seem impossible to eliminate. Perspiration, smoke and cooking scents are a few…