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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water this 4th of July

If you are planning on hitting the beach, pool, or nearby lake to celebrate the 4th this year, make sure you keep your little ones safe while enjoying the water with family and friends! The Infant Swimming Resourceprovided the following tips to help families protect their young children in and around the water this 4th of July weekend.

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How To Cover Grey Roots Like A Pro

This conversation and demonstration on How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro is brought to you by Clairol. All opinions are my own. I am the ponytail queen. Very rarely do I wear my hair down. Even on evenings out with friends it is a toss up as to whether I actually let my…

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How To Network at Conferences

I don’t really enjoy attending large industry conferences when I don’t know anyone. Is it just me, or does the idea of trying to meet new people at a crowded, loud trade event make you want to run for the hills? Small talk doesn’t come easy for most people and talking about the weather only…

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How To Have A Kid-Friendly Family Vacation In Italy

Now that my kids are able to pull their own suitcases and keep themselves entertained for long stretches of time, we’ve begun taking them on trips to different parts of the world something I’ve been waiting to do since the day they were born.Whenever I plan a trip, I spend a lot of time online doing searches for things to do with kids wherever were going to be. Invariably, I find …

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WWE Brawlin Buddies

L.A. Live…yep it sure was a “lively” place to be today. Dominic and Iwere invited to the Mattel launch party of the new Brawlin Buddies. What are Brawlin Buddies? Well, Mattel has teamed up the WWE to create a new line of plush dolls for yourlittle guys to get rough with.