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What Foods Are Best at Speeding Up Your Metabolic Rate?

Before you head to the grocery store to fill your cart with foods that will boost your metabolic rate, you have to first understand what metabolism is and does. Laurie Hedlund, L.P.N., of the Consumer Affairs website, explains that metabolism is the series of physical and chemical processes that takes place within the body to convert food to energy. Three factors determine metabolic rate–basal metabolic rate, metabolic rate during physical activity and metabolic rate during food digestion.

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5 Unhealthy Habits to Break Before it’s Too Late

You want to live a long, full, productive life with the energy, focus and confidence to succeed in all levels. But, sometimes, on this path, maintaining your health drops on the list. Someday, you say, Im going to get my health back on track, after this next project, or when the kids get a little older…” Cmon, you know your list of reasons – or what I call EXCUSES – better than me. Look, if youre waiting for some magical day to appear, you just may be waiting forever.

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How to Lose Back Fat for Women

If you are considering buying new bras because your back fat spills out over the top of your existing ones, it may also be time to consider a good self-care plan to help you lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to lose only back fat. The American Council on Exercise points out that weight loss is a full-body endeavor and that efforts to spot reduce don’t work. A few lifestyle changes should get you back into your old bras, bulge-free.