3 mins read

Easy Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Put together Thanksgiving crafts for your child to create memories, or use the crafts as an opportunity to make homemade decorations and teach him about the holiday. The level of difficulty should match your child’s abilities, particularly if you want her to complete the craft on her own. Plan a few different crafts that you believe your child will enjoy so she can choose her favorites.

1 min read

Easy Play Dough Recipe

Making play dough is one great way to keep kids busy on those seemingly endless summer days! This easy play dough recipe can be made using hot water (instead of the stove) and contains all edible ingredients. Best of all, the ingredients are inexpensive, and more than one batch can be made if you want to make more than one color! Supplies

5 mins read

4 Easy Steps to have The (Sex) Talk with your Kids

Does anyone else think kids today are growing up too fast? Its not that they are growing into responsibilities of adulthood or suddenly learning faster than the rest of us did, but the youth of America is becoming more and more mature as they become more and more overexposed. And while many of you are thinking about our culture teaching children new and exciting curse words or spreading violence, Ive noticed kids today are exposed most in matters concerning sex.