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The Effects of Academic Parental Pressure on Kids

As a parent, there are few pleasures greater than your child succeeding at school. However, if you put too much academic parental pressure on kids to do well, it can backfire severely and end up affecting them negatively in a number of different ways. Albert Einstein once said, "Education is what remains after one has…

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Effects of Heavy Backpacks on Children

If you have a child who goes to school, try wearing his backpack around one day. You could be shocked to discover the heavy load your child has to carry around five days a week. The heavier the backpack, the more damage it can do to your child. Typically, kids load backpacks too much, making them too heavy to be safe, according to studies conducted by members of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at San Diego.

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Effects of Having Sex During Pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy can affect a couple’s relationship in many positive ways. Most health care professionals support and encourage sex during pregnancy, depending on the physical and emotional state of both partners. Mutual respect and a sensitivity for your partner’s needs and desires are key to maintaining a successful and enjoyable sex life during pregnancy.

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Stress Effects on Birth Control

Stress can affect the body in many different ways and may cause medications to react differently in your body. Many women have experienced menstrual irregularities due to stress, and these may also impact your contraception. Prevent an unwanted pregnancy by understanding the potential interactions between your physiology, stress and your birth control choices.