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The Effects of Academic Parental Pressure on Kids

As a parent, there are few pleasures greater than your child succeeding at school. However, if you put too much academic parental pressure on kids to do well, it can backfire severely and end up affecting them negatively in a number of different ways.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Worry, Worry, Worry

By having a parent lay pressure on them to succeed, a child can feel less inspired and more threatened. They’ll be so paralyzed by fear of not doing well that they won’t actually learn and succeed like they otherwise would. Plus, if they have feelings of anxiety, they are less likely to know what the culprit is. It is possible that they will place further blame for their bad feelings on themselves for not being smart enough, therefore causing more stress and anxiety. If your child expresses any worrisome signs of stress pertaining to schoolwork, you need to speak with them about how they’re feeling and help them to feel better through reassurance.

“I’m Not Good Enough”

If you are adamant about your child matching the expectations you have set for them in school, they are likely to have difficulty coping, even if they miss the mark by just a little bit. They will believe that success is based on perfection and if they can’t accomplish that, they might as well just give up. If your child feels inadequate due to not achieving a certain grade, let them know that you’re there for them and that a grade doesn’t determine whether or not they’re a good person.

Bad Behavior

Too much pressure to do well in school can cause kids to do unethical things. For instance, a child who has been told that they must get all A’s on their report card could feel pressured to cheat on an exam or assignment in order to fulfill that obligation. They might also turn to drugs and/or alcohol to deal with the stress. Keep a close eye on your child if they are showing any signs of seeming especially stressed out by school and talk to them if you have any questions or concerns.

Be There For Your Kids

If you want to help your children do well in school, you need to encourage, rather than pressure them. By offering encouragement through means such as assisting with schoolwork and discussing different ideas and concepts, you can help spark inspiration in your child. If you believe you might be putting too much pressure on your child to succeed academically, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, just take a moment to speak to your children openly about how they don’t need to stress themselves out about school. You want them to succeed, which is why you put pressure on them in the first place. However, if you put too much pressure on them, then they won’t have the success you were looking for.

Effects of Academic Pressure in S. Korea:

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