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5 Holiday Fashion Secrets That Will Make You Look 5 Pounds Thinner

The following is a guest post byZankhna ParekhTis the season again for glamorous holiday balls, office Christmas parties, and sparkling new years eve parties. It is also the most dreaded time of the year if you are a new mom (or a mom).As we all know, most things dont go back to where they should after having kids, but particularly so if you are a new mom. You know you the …

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How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight

Even though most of your baby weight seemed to melt off easily after your baby was born, it’s not uncommon to have 10 stubborn pounds still hanging around, despite the fact that you exercise and eat well. If you lost the initial baby weight by cutting your calories and adding exercise, your weight loss may have slowed to a halt because your metabolism has slowed to make up for the loss of calories, according to Dr. Barry Levin in “Fitness Magazine.”

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Pilgrim’s Pride Recalls 4.5 Million Pounds of Chicken

Pilgrim's Pride is recalling 4.5 million pounds of whole-grain fully-cooked breaded nuggets, patties, breakfast patties, tenderloins and popcorn-style varieties may be contaminated with non-food materials. The "extraneous materials" include plastic, wood, metal and rubber according to the USDA in a news release. The brands affected are Gold Kist Farms, Sweet Georgia and Pierce. Customers complained…

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Stay Motivated to Shed Those Pounds!

What if a bracelet could help you lose those extra lbs? Well, mom Kelley Davis invented a bracelet that could do just that. Like countless women, she found herself struggling to lose weight. Then, she came up with a creative new way to shed those pounds — all by wearing a simple bracelet to remind her to keep on going. Read on for her incredible weight loss story and get inspired to reach your own goals.