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The Best Credit Cards for Teens: Smart Financial Start

Which Credit Card Should Your Teen Get? Just when you thought you were finally getting over the college applications, you now have to think about sending your kid to college and hoping they will make smart decisions - and that includes the money part too. Let’s face it, financial literacy is an essential skill for…

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Pending Divorce: Money Tips Before You Split

The ongoing custody battle between celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken an unexpected turn. Amid the legal proceedings, Joe and Sophie have reached a temporary agreement concerning their children’s living arrangements, preventing them from leaving the greater New York City area. This development comes shortly after Sophie Turner’s recent filing, where she expressed her intention to permanently relocate their children to the United Kingdom.

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This month, I can feel the shift.

Whew. This is a hard one to write. I’m a Black mom, and it feels like last week was the culmination of what my ancestors and colleagues have been pursuing for over 200 years: the right to be heard. The right to be seen as equal. The right to social justice. White privilege in motherhood…