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When Can Women Wear Leather Pants?

A woman can wear leather pants whenever she desires. The key is to feel good about wearing them; otherwise, the pants will wear you. Fashion is fickle. So either decide to be a trendsetter or a fashion watcher who just keeps an eye on the trends. There is a fine line between being bold and being clueless. Choosing an appropriate silhouette for your particular shape is not difficult as leather pants are available in a wide variety of cuts, colors and styles.

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Online Jobs for Moms

The advent of the Internet and computer technology has led to a new world of job opportunities. Because employees can now be connected by emails, video and instant messaging and online work spaces, workers can be anywhere, collaborating and creating together. Online jobs provide great opportunities for moms who have infants who need to be held or toddlers who can play at their feet while they work.

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Nine Money-Making Ideas Every Mom Should Know About

A few years ago, a group of moms were hanging around the playground and the topic of making extra money came up. Some moms wanted to send their children to a specialized camp; others were saving for a family trip, while others were just looking to make ends meet. After a half hour of groaning, complaining and sulking one of the crafty moms piped up. Were all sitting around thinking about what we don …