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Weight Loss: Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are a popular weight-loss strategy. If you have a busy lifestyle, using meal replacements can eliminate trying to purchase, cook and eat healthy and well-balanced diet meals. Typically, a meal replacement shake includes a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat along with a good quantity of vitamins and minerals. Calories are kept low to fit within a reduced calorie eating plan.

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McDonald’s Recalls 29 Million Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's is recalling 29 million "Step-iT" activity wrist bands that came in Happy Meals. There were 70 reports of issues, including 'blisters" after kids wore them. The "Activity Counter" and motion activated "Light-up Band" are part of the recall and were distributed bnationwide from August 9th through August 17th in McDonald's Happy Meals and Mighty…

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Healthy Body Weight for Kids

Kids make up a significant portion of the rising obesity rates in the United States. Being overweight as a kid increases the odds that you’ll be overweight later in life, and that you’ll develop obesity-related medical conditions. As a parent, you may be better off looking at your child’s health and the quality of his diet than the numbers on the scale as you work toward getting him to his healthy weight.

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Healthy Protein Shakes for Women

While most Americans consume enough protein-rich foods to satisfy their daily recommended allowance, women often have specific issues or periods in their lives when an added dose of protein is especially important, such as when pregnant, nursing, or menopausal. Add in a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle that often makes eating on the run a necessity and it’s easy to see why healthy protein shakes are a winner when it comes to adding extra nutrition to your diet.