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Organize Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?

If you have a large Turkey and a large family get together, we suggest you give as much away to them in disposable cartons as you are comfortable doing. This gives them leftovers for sandwiches and snacks too! And dont forget the sides! If you made too much food for your family to eat in a couple of days realistically speaking you should let your guest take some home as well. And yes that …

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Get Organized for Back to School Success

This summer, the head coordinator of the PTA of a local private school in Los Angeles hired me to give a presentation to the parents on getting students organized. I decided to call the workshop “Back to School Success.” The parents submitted several questions that were on their minds. Here are some of the most common questions and my answers: 1. What kind of system can you suggest to keep all the kids’ paperwork in one place?