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Back To Basics, Creating An Original Christmas

It is kinda amazing to me at how fast the holiday season comes and goes, especially the older I get. Last week it was just another sunny day in Los Angeles and the next day it is a winter wonderland. It is as if Santa Clause flew over the city one night and barfed up everything Christmas, from the holiday cups at my favorite coffee establishment, to the street decorations and the shinning lights, to the huge Christmas tree at The Grove shopping complex, and Kenny G Christmas music being played over and over again on the radio. Let me make myself clear though, I am in no

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The Original Acai Diet

The Original Acai Diet features a supplement with ingredients such as the acai berry from the Amazon rain forest. Product manufacturers claim that these products help you to lose weight with their antioxidant properties. Unfortunately, it seems that the claims are exaggerated and that the manufacturers are more interested in making your wallet slimmer than your waistline.