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Fun Holiday Make-It-Yourself Games for Kids

If cabin fever is settling in deeply among your family members, consider putting together some make-it-yourself games to give your children or others you know for the holidays. Instead of handing them a battery-operated toy that entertains for a short time and get boring, give them games they must create and decorate themselves before they can play. It means twice as much entertainment and twice as much quiet time for you.

3 mins read

Homemade Fun Family Board Games

Family game nights are a part of the routine in many homes. With pizza, dessert and a houseful of laughs, games provide a medium for family bonding and sometimes the gateway to critical family conversations. If you need something new to play or are tiring of your old game options, work with your family to create a game all your own.

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Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Parties and cake go hand in hand. Serve up a slice of love with a cake made specifically for your loved one’s birthday. Whether you write a special note on top or decorate with little novelties, your loved one will hear your message of love, loud and clear. Showcase the cake at the party and thrill everyone invited.

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Handmade Personalized Baby Gifts

It is common to see personalized baby items on sale on baby stores and the Internet. Although they are quite charming, they are also very common due to mass production. If you prefer to give a gift that is different and does not seem like an after-thought, then a handmade personalized gift is the right choice for you.