9 mins read

Ditch the Grinch and Deck the Halls

‘Tis the season! That’s what all the billboards, advertisements, and email subject lines are saying right about now, anyway.  But ‘tis the season for what, exactly? The obvious answers are “giving” and “gathering” and “getting out the sparkly decorations.” There are presents that need purchasing and cards that need crafting; there are parties that require…

4 mins read

Five Amazing Olympic Victories

For more coverage on the 2012 London Olympic Games, check out the Olympics Spotlight Page The torch has been lit! The thirtieth Olympiad is officially underway, and were poised and ready to watch the worlds finest compete for the gold (although, were a little peeved that NBC has refused to post a live stream of events. Who really wants to wait for primetime?).

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The Bright Side of Divorce

Divorce has a bright side: the opportunity to restart your life. As you detox and heal you may discover a better version of yourself than you have ever known. Here are some benefits of being one adult: * Easy to get a table in a busy restaurant (or sit at the bar) * Listen to any music and sing out loud * Your time is your own