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Short Hairstyles for Older Women With Glasses

Short hair is practical, easy care and shows off your best features. If you wear glasses, matching your eyeglasses and your hair in style and proportion can create a polished appearance that draws attention to your pretty eyes and radiant face. As you age, keeping your look modern is essential to avoid looking dated or older than your years.

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Can Short Hair Be Sexy?

Short haircuts are practical and low-maintenance, but they can be flirty, sexy and seductive as well. While long hair may be classic, screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe sported short locks, as do a number of modern celebrities. Whether you’re considering going short for the first time or want to spice up your current do, these tips can turn up the heat on your cropped hair.

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How to Wear Hats With Short Hair

Accessorize with style by adding a cute hat to your outfit. You can pull off a hat, even if you have short hair, as long as it’s the right hat. A head that completely covers your head and hair won’t be as flattering on you as a hat that allows a bit of hair to peek out. You should also keep your face shape in mind when choosing a hat to wear. Your hat doesn’t have to match your outfit perfectly, but should coordinate with it well.

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Styles For Long Hair With Short Layers

Layers can give your long hair movement, shape and style. If you have short layers in your long hair, additional styling effort can help them look their best. You can wear long, layered hair up or down, depending upon the occasion. Go straight for drama, or opt for soft waves and curls for a more romantic, long, layered look.

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Medium-Short Hairstyles for Older Women

When you are in your 40s or 50s, you can’t wear the same hairstyle you did in your 20s or 30s, as it may no longer match your skin tone or facial features. You’ll also want a style that matches your age and maturity without making you look frumpy and out of style. A medium-short hair cut that falls between the shoulders and chin is usually simple to maintain and can look trendy without looking as if you’re trying to resemble your daughter.