Can Short Hair Be Sexy?
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Can Short Hair Be Sexy?

Short haircuts are practical and low-maintenance, but they can be flirty, sexy and seductive as well. While long hair may be classic, screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe sported short locks, as do a number of modern celebrities. Whether you’re considering going short for the first time or want to spice up your current do, these tips can turn up the heat on your cropped hair.


While some short hairstyles look dated or older, others can draw attention to your best features, show off a stunning hair color or make you look as confident as you feel. Bobs are short, mostly one-length styles, ranging from above-jaw length to near shoulder length. Razor-cut ends or a few layers can add modern texture, and you can add bangs or not, depending on your face shape. Go for a jaw length or shorter heavily layered cut as an alternative. The layers in a shag style add movement. If you’ve got guts and are ready for a big change, cut it all off into a close-cropped, layered pixie cut.

Show Off

Use your short hair to emphasize your sexiest and best features. Draw attention to your neck with a style cut close at the nape. Consider longer layers along your face or long, side-swept bangs to draw attention to your eyes, suggests Pair an above-the-ear cut with earrings that steal the show or wisps of hair along your cheekbones to bring out the angles in your face and add to your sex appeal.

Shine and Texture

Adding shine and texture to your hair can up the sexiness quotient of a business-like or practical short cut. Regular trims make it easy to keep short hair healthy and shiny, but a tiny amount of shine enhancing spray can gloss up a smooth short look, like a bob. Use a small lipstick-sized round brush to add movement to short locks, either with a blow dryer or as you brush. Texturizing pomades can help hold your style and keep very close crops from falling flat.

Short Hair and You

Short hair can work on a variety of body and face shapes, creating a confident and flirtatious look. If you’re quite petite, long or full styles may overwhelm you, while a cropped look helps people see you and not just your hair. Opt for a style with a bit more volume and movement if you want to balance out a larger frame or flatter a longer face shape. If you have natural curl, as opposed to just waves, seek out a stylist experience in cutting curly hair to make the most of your curls in a short style.


While short hair may take less time each day than longer styles, it does require proper care. You may need to wash short hair more often and condition as needed. Most styles require hair products to look their best. Regular trims, approximately every four to six weeks, are essential to keep your short hair looking fresh and sexy, rather than shaggy and tired.

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