Thinning Hairstyles for Men
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Thinning Hairstyles for Men

Your man’s thinning hair may be a sore topic of conversation, as he may not want to acknowledge that he’s losing his hair. To look his best, though, he’ll have to own up to the fact that his hair is thinning and style it accordingly. Suggest styles that flatter your man’s hair instead of attempting to cover it up.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a handsome option for men with thinning hair, according to Men’s Health. The cut crops the hair very short on the sides but leaves it a little bit longer on the top, which can make a man look as if he has more hair than he does. The buzz cut can also work well for a man who prefers to keep his hair low maintenance. Styling products such as gels can make thinning hair more noticeable, so a man with a buzz cut should just leave it natural.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut earns its name from Julius Caesar, emperor of ancient Rome. It’s been a popular style for men and younger boys for decades. The style features short bangs brushed forward, which can hide a receding hairline. Since the cut is also short on the sides and top of the head, it is more flattering for men with thinning hair than a longer style would be.

Shaved Head

The look is drastic, but could be the only answer for a man who is very embarrassed by thinning hair. A shaved head is not a style for every man, though. Once the hair is gone, you may find that your man has a round or bumpy head. Men’s Health recommends pulling a swim cap over your man’s scalp before shaving the hair to make sure he has a nice curve at the back of his skull, which usually means he’ll look good without hair.

Full Classic

The full classic, the hairstyle popular in the 1950s that began to make a comeback in the early 21st century, is a smart choice if you don’t want to go very short yet and are only beginning to lose some hair. It’s particularly useful as camouflage for a receding hairline, according to Men’s Health. Comb the hair on the sides of your head back and part the hair along one side. Place the part on the side of your head where the hair is receding the most. Comb hair away from the part, so that it looks like the recession is part of the hairstyle. It’s not a comb-over; it’s a clever way to work with what you’ve got.

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