1 min read

Rise & Shine Metabolism Green Smoothie

If ever since you've had kids you feel like your metabolism has gone to the pot, we've got a great breakfast for you and some good news! We wrote Fire Up Your Metabolism after realizing that so many people felt doomed by their genetics or that they couldn't do anything to get their body to…

3 mins read

Roasted Berry Puff Pastry Bites

Looking for a healthy afternoon snack or a creative dessert to feed the kids? Try our roasted berries – either served alone or in a puff pastry pocket. They’re a fun “finger food” to enjoy and the kids will love helping put them together in the kitchen.

2 mins read

Strawberries and Cream Parfait

February 14th comes every year and each time we all silently think - I wonder what we will get? Candy and a card? Flowers? Or maybe a romantic dinner? How ever you decide to spend your day we hope it is filled with love, luxurious food, and time spent with loved ones. This year it falls…

7 mins read

A New Dad: Mother’s Day Has Taken On New Meaning

My mother died sixteen years ago this week, and in one regard – and in only one regard – I consider myself fortunate in the timing: The anniversary of her death and Mothers Day arrive the same time every year, the two days book-ending one miserable week of feeling underwater and angry and frustrated, a week steeped in loss. When the whole world is making brunch reservations and ordering flower baskets and picking out just the right card, I turn into a petulant boy. Every year

2 mins read

It Takes A Village

Single mom. That's me. There are many more of us now, it seems. Since Day One, my life as a mother has been pre-defined by these two words that carry a mixed review in the general populace, even in today's modern world. Honestly though, some days I'm grateful for the simplicity of parenting when it's…