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Health & Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak

It’s your lucky day, ModernMoms! Here are some very helpful tips from renowned fitness and nutrition expert and famed celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. Harley’s first book, 5-Factor Fitness, was a #1 top seller in its category at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com and his second book, 5-Factor Diet, hit the New York Times Best Sellers list. He’s appeared on shows like Oprah, Dr Oz, The Tyra Banks Show, Access Hollywood, Extra, Rachael Ray and Next Top Model and is a frequent guest on The Today Show. Here’s what this fitness guru shared with us about leading a healthy lifestyle.

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10 Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

The never-ending pile of laundry also drives up energy consumption in the home. Simple changes to your laundry washing and drying routine mean less energy used. This translates to more money saved, a benefit everyone can appreciate. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly laundry techniques don’t require much extra effort or time, making them fit into a family’s busy lifestyle.

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Safety Tips for Picnic Lunches at The Beach

I love to eat on the beach. Whether its a simple picnic at high noon or cocktails and finger foods watching the sunset, dining al fresco is restorative for me. In Italian, al fresco means in the fresh. Translated into English, it means outdoors, and preparing a picnic lunch to enjoy outside doesnt have to involve lots of work. With some thought and planning, it can be easy and fun.