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Terms of Use

Introduction This Web Site is provided to you under these “Terms of Use” and any amendments or supplements to them that may be posted by Momenta, LLC (“Modern Mom”) from time to time (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). Your use of this Web Site shall be deemed to constitute your consent to be bound…

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Advice From The Cough Expert

Does your daughter have a weird-sounding cough you’ve never heard before? Is your son suffering from a cough/cold combo that he just can’t seem to kick? Never fear, THE COUGH EXPERT is here! Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis is nationally recognized as the cough guy–he’s a practicing internist (doctor of internal medicine), a pulmonary critical care specialist, and a professor of clinical medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

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Shingles in Women

Shingles is a rash infection, which is the more severe and painful cousin of chickenpox. Once a person has shingles, the symptoms and treatments are the same for men and women. However, women who are pregnant or have a baby younger than 12 months need to take extra precautions to avoid becoming infected.

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Head Lice Advice for Parents

Head lice outbreaks are common in schools and day cares, where children often play head-to-head, transmitting the bugs. Lice don’t jump or fly, and they can only live a few hours off of a head, but they can be difficult to get rid of. If your child comes home with head lice, don’t freak out. It’s not because she’s dirty or uncared for.