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How Can a New Mom Fit Exercise into Her Life???

Being a new mom is a very conflicted time, a time when you are elated for your beautiful new baby, trapped at home, reorganizing the way you do everything and a HUGE struggle to get your pre pregnancy body back…Well if you want it you can have it.  My story is, I had #3 baby boys in 4 years!!! I was a competitive dancer and body sculptor, always prided myself on my fitness.  What the heck was I to do, I could wallow in the restrictions of naps, feedings and exhaustion or I could make a plan and stick to it.  That is rule number  1.  You are responsible for you and nobody else is, so I joined a gym, as hard and expensive as that was, my motto was and is: if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy, and every morning packed the boys up and went to the gym, dropped the boys in the play room and happily went to a kick butt class, praying I wouldn’t get called out of class for the dreaded poopy diaper changing call.  After class was the best because I was able to actually take a shower and blow dry my hair and be on my way feeling awesome and accomplished and loving not only myself more but my kids. 

I understand that many of you cannot join a gym for many reasons.  Do not despair.  Make your plan, set your goals, buy 3-4 DVD’s and do them in the house right after you feed your baby in the morning.  It seems to work best when the kids are in the room watching and moving with you.  Today we even have exercise channels and free workouts that motivate and change every day, its FREE take advantage!  Even if you do 10 minutes, tomorrow it may be 15 and so on.  The biggest mistake is not working out at all because you think you always need an hour.  So what,… if in the middle you have to get a cup of juice… let it go.  Learning to let the frustrations of the little distractions go is a great life lesson for you anyway.  Get used to it…get up no excuses, if I could do it you can too, the weary feelings will go away when you get going more regularly.  Your kids feelings of health well being and being a greatly adjusted kid depend on you being proud of yourself and showing the importance of taking time to reach your goals!!!

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