Gifts for Teenage Girls
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Gifts for Teenage Girls

The wide variety of toys and easy-to-please attitude of most young children simplifies gift buying. As kids reach the teen years, their tastes change and many become more selective. If you have a teen girl on your shopping list, consider her interests and style before buying. A thoughtful gift that matches her personality earns you a lot more credit than a one-size-fits all gift idea.


Accessories are an option for almost any teen girl, whether or not she stays current on the latest fashion trends. The options for accessories include jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, belts, sunglasses, fashion glasses frames, cosmetics and hats. Another variation of this gift idea is a storage container for accessories. You might choose a funky jewelry holder that doubles as art for the recipient’s room or a travel carrying case for her cosmetics. No matter what angle you take on the accessories category, stick with options that fit the recipient’s style. A gift card to her favorite accessories store is also an option if you’re not sure what she wants.


Teens are more connected than ever with various portable electronic gadgets. From cell phones to MP3 players, the latest gear gives you options for gifts. This idea is best for those close to the teen who would exactly what she has or wants. The gift might include the actual gadget or accessories for the item, such as a carrying case. For teen MP3 owners, a gift card for more music downloads is also an option.

Spa Day

A day at the spa pampers the teen recipient for a relaxing gift on her birthday or other celebration. Depending on your relationship and knowledge of the recipient’s preferences, you could plan out the day for her or simply give her a gift card and let her choose her spa treatments. For a surprise, get her friends involved by having them show up at the spa to meet her. The friends get to enjoy a day of pampering with one another to celebrate. Follow up the spa day with a light dinner on the town.

Hobby-Related Gift

A teen’s hobby provides possible inspiration for a gift idea. Many hobbies require supplies or gear that would work well as a gift idea. For example, a teen who makes her own jewelry might appreciate jewelry wire and beads. A teen girl involved in a specific sport might need new equipment or workout clothes to stay on top of her game.

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