Cute Room Ideas for Teenage Girls
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Cute Room Ideas for Teenage Girls

A bedroom makeover lets your teen express herself through her room decor. A style or theme to guide the room decoration makes it easier to plan out your design and keep it looking cohesive. Most teens have strong preferences for bedroom design, so consult with your child to come up with the decorating style together.

Rock ‘N Roll

A rock ‘n roll theme fits a teen girl with musical interests, whether she plays in a band or simple enjoys listening to music. Hot pink and black work well as the color scheme for the rock-themed bedroom. “Better Homes and Gardens” suggests the alternative of decorating the room like the interior of a tour bus, with silver or gray walls and a vintage table as a seating area. Rock posters, guitars, music memorabilia and rock-themed fabrics are options for room accents.


Princesses and fairies are often considered too babyish for teens, but a more refined whimsical bedroom design works well for teens who like feminine touches. Pinks and purples work well in the color scheme for the whimsical design. Sheer fabric draped from the ceiling over the bed like a canopy creates a romantic feeling in the room. Piles of pillows on the bed add to the overall atmosphere. Other decorative ideas include lots of luxurious fabrics, beaded accents and wall stickers or murals with a whimsical feeling.


A tropical bedroom theme lets you take full advantage of bright colors. Bright turquoise, yellow, orange and pink work well in a tropical teen bedroom. A patterned bedding set or accent pillows made from tropical fabric tie in the theme. Curtains or wall hangings featuring large, bold tropical flowers also work well as accents. White painted furniture with a weathered look fits the theme. For a personal touch, blow up your own photos of a family beach vacation as wall art. Frame a large print, or choose a canvas option to make it look more like actual art.


For the teen who is all about style, the glamor theme lets her live it up. Choose lots of glitzy finishes with sparkly finishes. Metallics and glitter work well. A crystal chandelier with modern styling will jazz up the lighting in the room. Sleek, modern furniture also works well.

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