How to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy
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How to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

You hair is one of the easiest parts of your body to survey for good health. Unhealthy, dry hair wears its damage for the world to see. Unhealthy hair can be caused by poor nutrition or underlying medical conditions. More often, it’s caused by high-heat styling, drying hair products, chemical coloring and texture-enhancing products. If you’re concerned about your hair health, take a few minutes to really examine your locks, then go for products and healthy lifestyle choices to restore hair’s balance and shine.

Step 1

Check your hair’s moisture. Dry hair often appears unusually dull, coarse and frizzy. Restore moisture with rich conditioners.

Step 2

Look to the tips for split ends. Split ends are a form of hair damage. They can happen when you simply need a trim, or they can indicate you have dry hair or use harsh products and style with high heat. Trim them away, then use products that moisturize and protect from high-heat styling.

Step 3

Watch for breakage and excessive shedding. If your hair breaks in the middle and you find too many strands on the back of your sweater, try changing the brand of hair ties you use or using hair ties less. Wait until your hair dries before you brush or comb it. Use a shampoo designed to strengthen hair.

Step 4

Check for shine. Shiny hair is the hallmark of good healthy hair. It means your hair is moisturized, the hair shaft is smooth and it’s coated in healthy oils. To fake shine, use a shine-enhancing serum or rub a drop of hair oil between your palms and run your hands over your strands.

Step 5

Look for signs that your hair is falling out more than it should. If you lose hair in clumps or patches, you might have a medical condition like alopecia or a thyroid imbalance that requires treatment.

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