Make Peace with the Lulls
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Make Peace with the Lulls

Creativity flows in waves. Some are larger than others. It is important to ride the waves of creativity when they arrive. Leaving the door wide open.

It is equally important to make peace with the lulls. To have faith and to never give up. There are days when the words flow easily from my pen, and others when I feel stuck. Those are days of recharging. Those days matter every bit as much as the ones you create.

There have been times when I thought to myself- what if I can never think of anything to write again? It may sound silly, but it’s true.

I’ve learned, and am continuing to learn to push those fears aside. To have faith that the right words will find their way to me when the time is right.

Life isn’t about forcing, it’s about flowing. The more you allow things to be, the more peacefulness you feel.


Today let the flow show you the way, and take you wherever it may.


Create a peaceful day, friends!

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