I’ll Never be Supermom – and THAT’S OK!
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I’ll Never be Supermom – and THAT’S OK!

Confession time.  I will never be an organized Martha Stewart type mom.  I tried really hard for many years to be the mom who had it all together, but then life happened and I realized instead of stressing about the little things, I was going to breath a little deeper, laugh a little more and accept the mess and chaos that is our life.

I drive 78 miles a day just to drop the kids off and pick them up from four different schools.  I am like most of us, juggling three jobs to pay the bills, raising the kids and doing it all without any help.  There are no sitters or nannies, no housekeeper or lawn person…as nice as that would be, it is not in the budget. So I do the best I can getting everything done and everyone everywhere, but rarely is it done to perfection and I am finding ways to make it easier.

In order to keep up with the laundry, my loads consist of whatever happens to be in the laundry basket.  When it is done washing, it all goes into the dryer.  My days of sorting are over.  Yesterday, even though it is mid-May and we live in Florida, my daughter took a sweatshirt to school for when it gets cold in her class.  She put it on in the middle of class and said she felt something in the sleeve.  She reached up and whipped out the irritating item. Imagine her surprise when she pulled out a pair of my underwear that had been washed with her sweatshirt and got caught in the sleeve. She laughed telling me the story so I took that as a good sign.

She said it gave her and her friends a good laugh and even the nun who teaches the class got a laugh out of it.  I smiled to myslelf and breathed a sigh of relief when she said, “at least it was a cute pair and not your grannie panties!”

It may sound crazy, but who needs organization and perfection when you get moments that make you smile and laugh with your children? Twenty years from now I bet these are the moments that we will sit around and laugh about!

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