Burning the man – what’s getting in your way of being and living your authentic truth ?’
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Burning the man – what’s getting in your way of being and living your authentic truth ?’


I recently got back from Burning Man http://www.burningman.com/ . I don’t know how many of you know what Burning man is . I thought it was going to be a bunch of crazy naked people running around the desert on drugs . Yes, there was a lot of that but there was so much more. The creativity and self-expression was not only infectious but incredibly inspiring. Someone told me that Burning man was about, Burning of the man who holds us back from  true self expression. Its about letting go of the mask , the armor the shield , the junk( the man ) and allowing all that we have been repressing  go , so that who and what we authentically are can come out and be free .

Can you imagine if we all lived from this place of true authenticity? Free to be who and what we really are? So many of us don’t even know who we are because we are so busy trying to be what others want us to be. A lot of us are afraid that if we really allowed our true selves to be expressed and seen we wouldn’t be liked or accepted. Some of us have so much stress and negativity in our lives that we don’t even know that there is an inner light that’s waiting to shine big and bright again, well others are so afraid to let go of control. And many of us are so caught up in fear that we don’t know how to get out of our heads and feel and act from our hearts

I can honestly tell you I got high from just being in this kind of environment where people were living in total freedom.

Another thing at burning man was the sense of community. There was no money to be exchanged. It was all about helping your neighbor and giving unconditionally. Everyone there was friendly and supportive. I made some wonderful connections with people as well as had some of the deepest  and most honest conversations  with total strangers , just because we were all being open and living in our truth . no guards , no armor  and no inhibitions , just being real . 

While there I had an amazing opportunity to work with some of the Shamans. The person  I was with had a huge awaking saying that he felt so good, happy, positive and light after his healing with the shamans. I love what they said to him – “ Welcome home !! This is you. What you are feeling is yourself, this is what’s under the crap, the junk , the stress and fear .what you will find is you “.

I challenge you right now to ask yourself – journal , meditate or ponder on this.

WHO AM I????????

Is this person I am putting out there into the world really me??

If not why am I not allowing myself to be seen?

What thoughts, fears or beliefs are coming up for me?

What is holding me back? What shields, masks, armors, blocks, junk … ( The man ) that’s getting in the way of me being me ???

Am I ready to let them go and be free?

What needs to burn?

What needs to be expressed?

What wants to come out?

What am I Repressing ?

On a piece of paper write what needs to be let go of so you can be who you really are .

On another paper write what you are repressing that wants to be freed .

Do your own burning ritual in a fire place or somewhere safe Burn what you want to let go of ( the man thats holding you back) and then burn what and how you would like to express your true self . I like adding some sage to the fire and paper .

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 For this week work on burning the man and allow your truth of who you authentically to be expressed fully.

When you can embrace, accept, honor and express your truth others will too.

When you are free and It feels right and good you know you found yourself. There will be a sense of joy and peace then you will know you are home.

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