Boost Creativity by Connecting to Source Energy
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Boost Creativity by Connecting to Source Energy


When you take one step, God takes 25.

This wisdom from Oprah rings true to me.

I find this insight to be accurate in my writing. It feels as if I have a vague idea of a message I want to send, and the rest I have help with. Sometimes I have no idea, and it still comes to me.

I get still. I listen. I meditate. All the while keeping a pen by my side and the words start to flow. It is source energy helping me along, connecting with me through creativity.

There are many, myself included, that believe all creativity comes from source energy. The more you are in touch with this, the easier it flows into your life, and into your work.

Within you, and each and every one of us, lies an eternal spring of source energy. Be still and go there.

That is where you will find all the answers you need.


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