Cyber Monday Shopping Tips
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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Did you skip Black Friday this year?

For those who shudder at the thought of braving throngs of people at the mall, online shopping is a hassle-free alternative.

Savvy retailers know that many prefer to do their holiday shopping from home – and that’s why the Monday after Thanksgiving has become known as Cyber Monday.

With tons of deals and steals, you can load up your virtual cart and get all your presents without the stress of crowded stores.

Here are some simple tips for Cyber Monday success:

1. Follow your favorite retailers on Twitter and Facebook, as many brands use social media to share special deals and savings.

2. Watch prices throughout the day. Retailers may drop their prices to match competition as the day goes on.

3. Compare prices to ensure you get the best deal. It’s much easier to do this online than in real stores – you can use search engines like Google Shopping or Pricegrabber to evaluate.

4. Check the return policy of any item you may purchase. You don’t want to get stuck with it!

5. Look out for free shipping – it can save you big time, and many retailers offer it on Cyber Monday.

Enjoy your shopping!

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