What is Your Money Type?
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What is Your Money Type?

Do you know your money type?

Knowing this simple piece of information is the first, HUGE step in your financial healing. 

Why?  It will help you:

  • To better understand your current relationship with money.
  • To illuminate which financial habits are and are not working for you.
  • To point yourself squarely in the direction of healing.

The Nurturer, Warrior Princess, Martyr, Oppressor, Material–Girl, Under-Spender, Creative Spirit, Timid, Clueless, and Alchemist.  (It’s perfectly normal to see yourself as a combination of two types.)

  • The Nurturer:  This type always thinks of caring for others first, putting herself and her financial needs last.  The Nurturer may also have “The Hidden White Knight Syndrome” which means that somewhere deep inside she believes a man (or family member) will come along and solve all her financial issues.  The Nurturer tends to underestimate her worth and may not claim it to others (rarely asks for a raise, always volunteers her time, etc.).  The Good News:  The Nurturer has been trained to view the world a certain way and can retrain her brain for self-care.  Whether she acknowledges it or not, Nurturers are tremendously capable.

  • Warrior Princess:  Blazes her own trail.  Takes risks.  Thinks logically and acts decisively.  Likes to take on the world with a smile.  Tenacious.  Generally adept and successful in financial matters.  Enjoys the business mindset – she likes negotiating, winning contracts, moving and shaking.  At times, struggles to see the big picture or to recognize opportunities to learn.  Sometimes struggles with intimacy, sharing and true connection with others.  May fall into the trap of the Material Girl where she views herself in terms of her financial success.  The Good News:  Feels at home in the moneymaking world.  With some shifts in thinking, she can increase her emotional capacity to live a rich life full of intimate connection.

  • The Martyr:  Suffers from overly negative “Stick-With-What-I-Know” thinking, doing the same repetitive behaviors over and over even if what she is doing is clearly not working.  Martyrs are often attached to their own suffering and may fear moving up in financial status.  May find herself judging those with money due to a belief that having money means being greedy and/or unspiritual.  Yet, at the same time, they may feel that having no money means they are not intelligent/worthy.  Goes between trying to be in control and controlling others.  Can create similar money experience as The Nurturer who saves others and lives in self-neglect.  The Good News:  A paradigm shift and behavioral conditioning can transform The Martyr from a life attached to suffering to a life attached to prosperity.

  • The Oppressor:  This type uses money to manipulate and/or control others.  Can be a win-at-all costs type where power and self-interest rule.  (We see this type in some politicians or ruthless business people.)  Some lack remorse.  Rarely feels satisfied or at peace.  It’s never enough.  Can fall into all types of addictive behaviors.  The “never enough” mentality may stem from fear/lack thinking.  Our society may view money as evil due to images of The Oppressor as the only money type.  The Good News:  There are many ways to have a successful relationship with money.  An awakened Oppressor can utilize her natural tenacious spirit to create a more balanced approach to life.

  • The Material Girl:  This type associates her financial worth with her self-worth.  There is a desire to live a lavish life – to want to impress others (and may live beyond her means to keep up).  Some Material Girls rely on money as financial therapy – have slippery hands – an experience where the money always seems to fall through their fingers.  Like The Oppressor, they may find it hard to feel satisfied or like they have “enough.”  The Good News:  Material Girls have mad skills!  The shift is usually internal.  Great things happen when they begin to build a life that resonates with authentic meaning.

  • The Under-Spender:  This type experiences anxiety at the thought of spending even if she has the money to spend.  Sometimes they experience nervousness even when they are spending money they need to spend (for bills or necessary expenses).  Income makes no difference – low earners to top earners alike have this aversion to parting with their cash.  May have a difficult time enjoying their money.  Experiences feelings or thoughts of guilt, wastefulness.  Often seriously dislikes their own behavior.  In extreme cases, they believe they are on the verge of financial collapse no matter what their actual situation may be. The Good News:  This type can experience tremendous relief when they view their spending as an investment (in friendship, positive endeavors and happiness!).

  • The Creative Spirit:  What motivates this type of person is making art and/or pursuing spiritual realms.  They may shun the material world and choose to spend their time and energy on their rich inner world.  Often this type experiences an up/down or love/hate relationship with money.  They seek authentic connection and expression and may view money as unspiritual.  Disconnected from a balanced understanding of money, they seek money for the freedom it affords them but struggle mightily to master their financial lives.  The Good News:  Once open to learning new tools and armed with the right knowledge this type can fairly easily maneuver into the realm of The Alchemist.

  • The Timid:  Fear surrounds this type when it comes to money.  She may be so scared that she unconsciously plays the part of an Ostrich, thinking: “If I ignore my money issues they will go away.”  She can also play the part of the Lamb, tending to underestimate her own power and following the lead of others.  The Good News:  Pulling their heads out of the sand can be empowering when they realize they are not alone, they have more power than they know and that there are always solutions!

  •  Clueless:  This type was never taught about money or has ignored the lessons that have come her way.  She may make a lot of money or a little but whatever she brings in, she is clearly not in control of her money.  This type tends to be impulsive and get caught up in the excitement of the moment.  May suffer from short-term thinking – spending most of what she has due to the thought that, “I can always make more.”  May gamble or seek short cuts.  Like the Creative Spirit, she may be unable to maintain a consistently, healthy relationship with money, bouncing in and out of abundance and lack.  The Good News:  Often optimistic adventurers with energy and heart, armed with knowledge and an earnest plan, the sky can be the limit.

  • The Alchemist:  The Alchemist is the most balanced kind of money type.  Connected, knowledgeable and at peace, they see and accept the spiritual aspects of prosperity and abundance.  They do not suffer from an internal struggle instead embracing a life of spiritual wealth.  They are skilled at adapting to a rapidly changing world.  The Alchemist knows where she’s been, where she’s at and where she’s going.  She resides in the faith that all needs will be met.  She may experience a strong connection with a higher power.  The Good News:  We all possess the power of The Alchemist within us.  With the right tools and a willing spirit, we all have the power to transform our lives into gold.

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