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How to cope with dry skin during the winter.

Many of us are plagued with dry and itchy skin during the winter months due to low humidity in the air. During this time of year it is important to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized as much as possible. Proper bathing techniques and daily moisturizing will help prevent irritation and dehydration. 

There is nothing better than a nice hot bath on a cold night. As relaxing hot baths are, they are actually doing more damage than good. The hot water is drawing out all the natural oils in your skin leaving it dry and itchy.  If you choose to take baths over showers like I do, then make sure the bath water is warm and not scolding hot. Showers should be less than 10 minutes and with warm water as well and your body wash should be more on the mild side. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash is a great choice for sensitive skin. This product cleanses, calms and relaxes the skin with Lavender, Chamomile, and ylang-ylang.  After your shower or bath, pat the skin with a towel till it is partially dry and immediately apply your favorite body moisturizer to your entire body. Two of my favorites are the Daily Moisturizing Lotion from Aveeno and Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Creamy Lotion (For Extra-Dry Skin). 

Your feet and hands are also prone to dryness during the winter months. I use a lot of anti-bacterial liquids everyday and find them very helpful, especially during the cold and flu season. Unfortunately these anti-bacterial gels have high amounts of alcohol, which can dry your skin severely.  Using a hand moisturizer a few times a day will help prevent you from getting dry and cracked hands. The Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehl’s is a fantastic option for active hands. It forms a “glove like” protection barrier against moisture loss and offers all day protection. Another great hand and foot moisturizer is the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream which is formulated to give effective relief for chapped hands.  

There are many great cleansing and moisturizing products on the market today. For your sensitive skin needs I suggest anything from Dove, Aveeno, Purpose, Oil of Olay and Cetaphil. Check back soon for my tips on cleansing and moisturizing your face and lips.

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