GoBites Healthy Snacks
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GoBites Healthy Snacks

It’s 4 in the afternoon and you’re starving, but you don’t have time to stop and the only thing in the car is an old bag of chips…

If this has ever happened to you (and let’s be honest, it’s happened to all of us), it might be time to give GoBites a try! 

GoBites is a new snack delivery service that provides more than 25 varieties of all-natural, organic wholesome snacks sent directly to your home or office on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule.

The awesome on-the-go packages can be customized by dietary preferences including Gluten-Free, Paleo, Heart-Healthy and more! 

My favorites: Pineapple Coconut Mix and Apricot Gluten-Free Granola.

Starting at just under $30, moms everywhere will love this healthy answer to afternoon snack cravings!

Learn more at http://www.gobites.com/


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