Icential Coolwraps
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Icential Coolwraps

How cool is this!?

Icential Coolwraps are an innovative replacement for the variety of ice packs that are clogging up your freezer.

Made with colorful soft fabric on the outside and long-lasting cooling material on the inside, these packs are perfect for everything from soothing stiff muscles to packing in your kids’ lunchbox.

Smart and stylish, these packs stay cold ALL day long, are easy to wash, and come with velcro so several packs can be connected together to fill even the largest of tailgating coolers.

My favorite part is that these packs are re-usable giving moms another great way to be green!

Plus, there’s a special discount code for ModernMom readers – just enter the code Cool20 for 20% off through December 24th. 

Icential Coolwraps are available online at for $19.95 for two freezable wraps.

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