Liven Your Home with Natural Decor this Holiday Season!
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Liven Your Home with Natural Decor this Holiday Season!

Welcome December!

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is decorate for the Holidays. Similar to re-arranging the furniture in your home when you are in need of change, decorating also changes things up for a while bringing with it a fresh new feeling.

When December rolls around I look forward to taking down old pictures and removing odds and ends off the shelves to make room for new festive decor. The best decorations, in my opinion, are the natural ones. A beautifully scented pine tree. The color and look of a vibrant red poinsettia plant. Carefully placed pine cones. Cinnamon sticks, fresh green garland, a gorgeous wreath. Not only are these decorations simple and smell great, they are better for the environment because they break down naturally, not to mention they don’t take up any storage room!

There are many boxes of treasured Christmas items we keep throughout the years that hold a special place in our hearts, but as each year passes my love of decorating with more natural elements grows.

If you’re looking for a hostess gift this holiday season, or a present for a special teacher or friend, try a poinsettia plant, holiday flowers accented with pine greenery, or a fresh wreath. 

Besides hanging, wreaths also make great center pieces for a holiday tables as well! Plants brighten and liven the home as well as spread love and good cheer!  It is a gift you can’t go wrong with and friendly to our beautiful planet.


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