Meet Hollywood’s Funniest Mom: Molly Shannon
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Meet Hollywood’s Funniest Mom: Molly Shannon

Former SNL star Molly Shannon is undefeated for the title of Hollywood’s funniest mom. Modern Mom managed to snag an interview with this busy mom of two — in a school parking lot, after dropping the kids off!

We asked Molly how she manages to stay on top of things, despite her successful acting career and family life. "I squeeze in work wherever and whenever I can," says Molly. "I’m a very involved mom. I think you just need to figure out what’s right for you. Women do so much these days, but it’s also so important to still take care of yourself too. That way, you have the energy to give your all to your kids."

So, that begged the question, how does Molly take care of herself? "I try to stay healthy. Half the battle is not getting sick. Then, you definitely won’t have enough energy for the kids." Molly also runs 20 minutes a day, or however long she can fit into her schedule. "Running makes me feel relaxed, calm and centered," she says. We were also surprised to hear that she also tries to fit in an acupuncture session every week to center herself. But, Molly hasn’t always been this healthy-minded. Having kids motivated her to stay healthy and she’s been at it for eight years, right before daughter Stella, 7, was born.

As far as dieting goes, however, Molly "doesn’t believe in depriving [herself]." Gone are those college days of crazy diets. Now, Molly stops eating when she is full and tries to make healthy choices daily.

Besides becoming a healthier individual, we asked Molly how else motherhood has changed her life. "[Motherhood has changed my life] in every way. I always wanted to be a mom. As kids, we played house and I was always the best mother. It’s a whole new world to me. I feel so fulfilled. It’s even made acting secondary. Being a mom is my number one thing. People always say it goes so fast, so enjoy it. And I feel like I am enjoying it…this is exactly where I want to be."

We asked Molly what the most surprising thing about becoming a mom was and she gushed, "how the simplest things can make you so deeply happy. I get happy to see my kids happy at school, making new friends. It’s amazing how the simple things make me feel so grateful and peaceful."

Since Molly seems like an amazing mom, we asked her for some wise parenting advice. "It’s really important to listen and empathize. I read this great book, "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Faber and Mazlish. You have to acknowledge and mirror your kids. Make them feel safe to express themselves. And, adults also want the same thing."

Molly describes her parenting style in a few words; easygoing, fun and silly. And, not only that, she’s a pretty energetic mom, too – a must for being an excellent mom. That’s why Molly has partnered with Centrum Ultra Women’s Vitamins and takes a multivitamin every day, so she can be an energetic mom to Stella, and son Nolan, 5.

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