7 Good Reasons NOT to Diet
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7 Good Reasons NOT to Diet

Now that we are a few weeks into January, many people have forgone their hopeful New Year’s Resolution to lose weight by dieting. But, don’t feel bad. A diet is not the right way to go about losing weight, anyhow. In honor of Healthy Weight Week (Jan. 16-22), here are 7 good reasons why dieting isn’t the way to go. In fact, for 2011, you should resolve NOT to diet.

1. Dieting is Unhealthy

Most diets are not healthy. Many, like the Atkins diet, encourage people to cut down necessary food groups. If you really want to eat healthy, you need nutrients from carbs, fats and proteins. Just limit caloric intake and maintain a balance that will keep you satisfied.

2. The Weight Won’t Stay Off

Even if you find yourself losing a considerable amount of weight on an extreme diet, don’t fool yourself. You WILL gain the weight back once you begin eating normally again. What everyone says is true; in order to lose weight and stay healthy, you must make a LIFESTYLE change. Yo-yo dieting is more harmful than helpful. Focus on healthy moderation to stay fit for a lifetime rather than lose 10 pounds for peak bikini season.

3. You’ll Be Preoccupied with Food

Frequent dieters are spending A LOT of time thinking about food and eating. Because you are depriving yourself of food, that’s all you can think about. This is actually a natural process. When food is limited, you are driven to eat as a survival mechanism against starvation.

4. Dieting is a Precurser to Eating Disorders

Some experts believe that the high rate of eating disorders in the U.S. is in part due to the high percentage of people constantly dieting and depriving their bodies. Even if you think it couldn’t ever happen to you, don’t engage in behavior that puts you at risk for anything like that.

5. You’ll Lose Energy

What good is a rockin’ hot bod if you feel deflated and fatigued all the time? Because diets often don’t include necessary nutrients, your body isn’t getting what it needs to function properly. If you eat smaller meals more often, you will feel more satisfied and more energetic.

6. You Wont be Setting a Sood Example for your Kids

Dieting mothers become role models for dieting children. Instead of focusing on appearance, it’s your job to teach your children that each person is multi-dimensional and shouldn’t be judged solely on looks. Make healthy eating a part of your family’s lifestyle and it will payoff tenfold.

7. You’ll Never Learn to Accept Yourself

If you’re preoccupied with dieting, you will never learn to accept yourself and others. Losing 10, 20 or 30 pounds will not make you a better person. Don’t put your life on hold waiting to be thin. Once you learn to accept yourself and live healthy – be active, eat well, be confident – then the weight may come off, or not. Either way, believe that you are an amazing person that deserves the best.

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