3 mins read

Single Fashionable Mom

As single moms, our budgets can be stretched pretty thin. Often our own wardrobe budget is last on the list of necessities, and the first cost to be cut when we are tightening our purse strings. Fashion plays an important role in our self confidence, and you do not want to short change yourself in that department. I have found ways to make staying fashionable on a budget easy, which will make any single mom happy!

2 mins read

No longer a single mom?

A few months ago my amazing boyfriend proposed to me while we were on a white waterrafting trip. I thought wewere headed that direction, but never did I anticipate him proposing whilewe were camping! Throughoutthese last fewmonths of announcing the engagement, there has been oneoverwhelmingly popular questionafter “What’s the date?” And that is, “So when are you no longer a single mom?”