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Exercising While Sick

So I am feelinga little under the weathertoday and I am scheduled to take a Pilates class at 10am. I am debating on wether or not I should go. The question is “How sick is to sick to workout?” I have a lot of clients who are very dedicated to their fitness program and who don’t like to let ANYTHING get in the way of that….not even being sick. I always tellthem you get more from resting and letting your body heel then you do pushing through a workout that you are just not up for. If you have a fever, cough, nausea or body aches it is a goo

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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Wanting whats best for your baby is only natural so choosing the right foods while you are pregnant is very important. Healthy foods are the foundation of pregnancy nutrition. What you eat is what your baby eats, smart food choices during pregnancy can help promote your babies growth and development. When you become pregnant you may begin to have questions about your nutrition like, Do I really need to eat for two? How should my diet change now that I am pregnant? What other nutrients do I need for a healthy pregnancy? Al