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African-American Baby Names

The African-American culture has many baby names that are worlds away from the oft-used monikers like Dick and Jane. After losing their traditional African names and taking the names of their slave owners, African-Americans dealt with racial discrimination by choosing common names to help them fit in. That ended with the civil rights movement, when they began to choose names more reflective of their individuality, their culture and their faith. Syracuse University professor Boyce Watkins says, “Afrocentric baby names are a wonderful way to provide a daily cultural reminder of your child’s roots.”

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10 Best Backyard BBQ Recipes

Stay out of the kitchen and outside with your guests at your next backyard barbecue. With a little creativity, everything can be cooked on the grill — except the salads. Use complementary flavors, stagger your courses and watch your coals, and your next backyard barbecue is sure to be a resounding success.

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Measles Symptoms

Although most people in the United States are vaccinated against the measles and cannot contract it, outbreaks do continue to occur, particularly where there are groups of people who have not had the vaccine. Measles is easily spotted by a telltale rash, but that is one of the last symptoms to appear. Those affected easily transmit the virus to others who are not vaccinated. In part, this is because measles is contagious from four days before the first symptoms begin until four days after the rash breaks out.