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6 Things Your Babysitter Wishes You Knew

Babysitting. We’ve all been there, done that. It’s fun when you’re 15, but some special people do it for much longer than their teenage years. And when you’re that experienced, you have some advice for parents on how to make leaving your kids for a bit a little easier for everyone. Here are seven things your sitter, nanny or other childcare provider wishes you knew: 1. As soon as you leave, the kids will stop crying and start playing. So please, just go. 2. I can’t read your mind so just tell me what your expectations are of me.

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The Top 10 Things Your Nanny Should NOT Do!

Nannies can be like part of the family, but it takes careful consideration and time for bonding to establish such a close relationship. You can establish rules with your nanny and over time things will evolve to a perfect balance of your family’s needs, but newbies sometimes need a little help. Below is a list of the ten most important things a parent needs to know in order to have the best nanny experience.

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Transitioning to a New Nanny…

Saying goodbye to an old nanny and starting up with a new one can be hard on a family, especially for the children. However, being prepared for all the ups and downs of this situation can have you and your children back to normal in no time. Here are some tips on making the transition a seamless one.